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I honestly don't think Gerard's being unfair with this whole thing. He wasn't the only member of the band. Nobody is expecting any of the other members to talk about mcr, so why should it be his responsibility? None of the other members even mention mcr from what I've seen and I don't see fans harassing them. I mean yeah it sucks and we don't have any other connections really now but I think fans put way too much pressure on him and that's not right. I just want the guy to be happy

chemomantic answered:

i want him to be happy.

i want the absolute best for Gerard Way.

But the thing is,

he never considers anyone else’s feelings

except for his own

and the fact that he thinks it’s okay

to tear the last bits of whatever MCR-related hope

we had left

just because he let those stupid pricks

get the best of him

is absolutely not okay

and his obvious attempts at trying to get rid of the “idea”

of my chemical romance

is what makes me so sad

and upset

and angry

to the point where i am starting

to hate my chemical romance


and i cant do anything but sit here

and feel fucking numb

whenever i think about him

or the band

or any of the other members.

that is what i find unfair.

I understand that it was 100% not okay for those dickholes to be so disrespectful and act as if he owed them the world, but I don’t understand why he’s trying to act as if MCR never existed. He is going against A Vigil, On Birds And Glass. The band is not alive in the guys, it is no longer alive in him, and soon enough, it will no longer by alive in us. Just like he wants.

I feel like he wants My Chemical Romance dead, and it’s destroying me that we as a fanbase, who are to support the boys no matter what, made him feel that way. 



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